behind the scenes in the making of a painting for art collectors cate elsten and art beeman.

inside the studio 

bruTUS and harpo

Copyright 2015  Michael McWillie. All Rights Reserved.
As a young artist I was always fascinated by how artists work. So I thought it might be interesting to show you how this particular painting evolved.  While I do a lot of sketches with pencil on paper - in this case I actually did the drawing for the painting directly on the canvas - after I had painted an undercoat of black to give it a powerful understructure. I then painted the Scots - the stars of the painting -  and treated the background almost like an abstract printing. The notes were painted after the Scots came to life. The inspiration for the painting were Cate Elsten and Art Beeman's Scottish Terriers - Brutus and Harpo. The painting is in their private art collection.  -MM