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Michael McWillie was born in Texas. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B​FA in Studio Art. He did his post-graduate work at UCLA Extension in Filmmaking. He began his career as an Art Director in Los Angeles designing graphics for motion picture studios and television networks, including CBS, Columbia Pictures and the Walt Disney Company. He is noted for designing the newspaper and magazine montage in the blockbuster movie GHOSTBUSTERS. His name and image actually appear in the film on the USA TODAY front page. Michael is most well known for his paintings and work as a fine artist.  He is noted for his paintings and prints of his favorite muse - the Scottish Terrier, as well as his Blue Note paintings and for his latest muse - the Note Blowing Elephant. Solo exhibitions of his paintings and prints have toured at museums across the United States and he has shown at galleries from New York to California. 
For years Michael had two paintings hanging in the  White House next to an Andrew Wyeth. He was also selected to paint the painting  for the 2008 White House Easter Egg Roll. A tradition dating back to 1827. That painting is now in the National Archives. Michael's art studio is in a renovated barn in Parker, Texas. 

artist's statement


My paintings and prints are intended to take the viewer to a place of innocence, wonder and awe. The participants in my paintings, be it dogs, elephants, zebras or inanimate objects live in a world with no danger or malice.  a world we used to live in as a child.